Let all the stress of the day wash away, 
indulge your spirit...

Tuğcan Hotel is offering you an exquisite ambiance for relaxation and
fitness in the center of the city: Naias Spa.

Where the ideas of East and West and contrasts of old and new fuse in luxurious brilliance, Naias Spa & Fitness Centre at Tugcan Hotel emerges from the fertile influence of a crossroads location and centuries-old bathing tradition to offer a truly modern spa in the heart of Gaziantep.
Customized massage packages including various treatments... Sauna pleasure or steam bath after a nice swim... Fitness Center

equipped with the latest technology... Vitamin Bar offering healthy beverages...
All designed to make you feel special and priviledged.


Tepederium Naias offers many options for an exclusive spa experience...

  • A bottom-heated indoor pool; decontaminated by keeping chlorine and other chemicals’ side effects at minimum
  • Vitamin Bar to cleanse and energize your body with fresh fruit juices and healthy food
  • High pressure water massage treatments for your body
  • Specially decorated Spa Section with coarse fiber wallpapers and designer lightning elements including massage rooms for professional massage therapies
  • Fitness Center equipped with the latest and best multifunctional tools
  • A steam room furnished with bottom and seat heated antibacterial mosaics
  • Sauna, illuminated with special therapeutic lights
  • Hot stoned resting lounge Tepederium


The ancient city of Zeugma was revealed during an illegal excavation of the locals in Belkıs village,
10 km out of Gaziantep in 1987. Zeugma’s history goes back to 1st century B.C. during Hellenistic period of Kommagene Kingdom. During the times the area goes under Roman influence and one of the
30 legions of the Roman Empire, the 4 th Legion is set up here. The army forces brings tradesman, trade brings money, which brings art in return and Zeugma becomes a city of 70,000 inhabitants. The wealthy tradesman of Zeugma built villas overlooking the courtyards. These villas decorated with mythological scenes with Poseidon, Okeanos, Tethys and the Euphrates gods, tiles made using stones from the river and glass tesserae. Zeugma soon became a city that is compatible to Athens but was burnt and destroyed by the Sassani’s in 1st century A.C.

The name of Tuğcan Hotel Spa “Naias” is from a big mosaic currently in Gaziantep museum named
“The Young River God of Euphrates”. The mosaic has the young river god Euphrates in the middle representing the river itself and two river muses on both sides of the mosaic, pouring water into
the river from the water jugs under their arms. These river muses are called Naias in the myths and
they also represent the streams feeding into Euphrates.


Naias Fitness Center is waiting for you with it’s high end quipment to strengthen your body,
to feel healthier, fitter, energized and at your best.

  • Fitness
  • Cardio
  • Weight lifting
  • Indoor pool
  • Wet areas
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Relaxation room with heated stone bed
  • Ice Fountain
  • Salt room


Aromatherapy Massage

40 Min.65.-TL

This massage is based on fluid, relaxing strokes dancing like waves along the curves of your body.
We will create for you a special ritual with our signature energy blends to balance your body and mind.
Relaxation - Lavender
Energy - Rosemary
Immunity - Laurel, Lemon

Aroma and Stone Massage

60 Min..95.-TL

Aromatherapy blend combines essential oils with hot stones, to create a deep heat massage which releases tensions, relieves muscles and melts away stress.

Essential Back Massage

20 Min..45.-TL

A deep tissue back massage to relieve muscular tension and soothe any aches and pains.


We are honored to welcome you to our Naias Spa. For the ultimate spa experience, we’d like to share our guidelines with you.

Spa, Indoor Pool and Fitness Area:
2 pm - 10 pm (Everyday except Mondays)

No lifeguards or attendants are on duty.


Spa guests must be 16 years old or over to enjoy Naias Spa. All children under the age of 16 may use the pool area while accompanied by an adult, all the other facilities in the spa are not accessible for children.


Please respect all spa guests’ privacy and serenity. Therefore we request your sensitivity for not smoking and using mobile phones.


Kindly advise us of any health conditions, allergies or injuries which could affect your service during your spa visit.


Guests are advised to consult their doctors or physicians before starting a fitness program. Before you begin your fitness program, it is always advisable to warm up your muscles. We suggest avoiding heavy meals before any sports activity. After a sport activity, it is always recommended to wait and cool down before you visit any sauna facilities.

Appropriate fitness shoes and clothes (trousers, shorts, t-shirts) are required as specified in activity areas.


We request that jewelry not be worn during your visit to the spa and suggest you to leave all your valuables in the safe at your room for security. Safes are also available at the reception for your convenience. The Spa Management and Tuğcan Hotel accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property, or the safety of money, valuables and/or any other personal item brought into the spa premises.


We provide towels, robes and slippers, as well as a locker to store personal belongings during your visit.

Sports clothing and appropriate shoes must be worn in the fitness area.
Please remember to bring your swimwear.
Proper bathing attire must be worn at all times when using the pool. Cut-off shorts, ripped or torn clothes diapers and street attire are prohibited in the pool.

Nudity is not allowed at the pool and spa.


Let your therapist know if you are comfortable or uncomfortable, too warm or too cold, or if their pressure is too light or too firm. Our goal is to provide the ultimate spa experience.